Domatica Tool is a simple and fast configuration Tool for iDom system.

With Domatica Tool you are able to:

  • Install and operate your Domatica system in few minutes
  • Get yourself familiarized with Domatica system

What's new on this version:
  • Compatibility with Modbus RTU 485 devices with different communication channel configuration;
  • Included deploy type (local or remote) function on deploy settings;
  • Included keep current or default server function on deploy settings;
  • Included project resume function on deploy settings;
  • Included branch information (state of DomaticaCANBus; name of the project; Uptime; etc);
  • Wizard Template refresh or change function;
  • New graphic user interface features;
  • New Wizard Templates;
  • Bugs fixes;


*For more questions please open a ticket.

Links para Download:

Software: Download from HERE

User Manual (EN): Click Here